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Foam Selection Tool

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Determine the “fragility” level of your product-using Chart 1 as a guideline.

  2. Determine your product's static loading on the foam (psi). Do this by dividing your products gross weight by the largest surface area that will rest on the foam (square inches).

  3. Example: If your product weighs 10 lbs. and the largest surface area which will rest on the foam insert is 25 in.2, the static loading will be 0.4 p.s.i. (10/25 = .04)

  4. Match your answer to Chart 2.

  5. Find your foam on Chart 3. Enter at your products fragility level, move horizontally to intersect the drop height curve. Then move vertically from the point of intersection to determine the required foam thickness.

Chart 1. Fragility of Packaged Articles

Chart 2. Foam Selection

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